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Instant Translate – A very useful Chrome extension to translate any selected text without leaving the page

When I am reading a web page in French and want to look up a word that I don’t know, I open a new tab and use either Google translate or Reverso Dictionary to look up the word. The problem is that this process took time – I had to open a new tab, type a site address, type the word and then I get the translation. 2 days earlier I found an extension which eliminates all these time-consuming tasks – All I need to do is to highlight a word or a group of words and type ‘t’ on my keyboard – Voila, I see a small pop-up with the translation. The key board shortcut is configurable. This works so well that I look up many more words now than what I used to look up.

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Kindle It – A very useful Chrome extension to send any web page to your Kindle for reading later

I was looking for a way to send web pages to my Kindle and I found the following 3 extensions in Chrome App Store – Send to Kindle, Kindle It and Later On Kindle. I tried all the 3 on a web page. Send to Kindle and Later On Kindle have scrambled the web page. Only Kindle It worked correctly.

Chrome extension to send pages to Kindle

Kindle It has scores of very nice features:

  • You can edit the title of the article. It is very useful in some cases where the web page title is not very meaningful.
  • You can send the article to more than 1 device. This is a useful feature to have since I can send it to my Kindle device as well as to the Kindle App on my iPhone when needed.
  • The extension documentation says that it supports PDF and Images – I have not tried them yet.

Check out Kindle It at Chrome Web Store.

If you do not use Google Chrome, then check out this article on the App from Amazon which can help you do the same from any Windows or Mac – Easily Transfer Web Pages and Documents to your Kindle

How Amazon Kindle has helped me to read more books quickly and cheaply

It has been 5 months since I have started this blog and I have only been posting about my French language learning. One of the primary reasons I started this blog is to share my love of books and the immense ideas that I have gotten from the books. So, in the next few posts, I want to write about my passion of a lifetime – Books.

In this post, I want to talk about Amazon Kindle – a little about the Amazon Kindle device and a lot about the Kindle Edition books. I want to compare physical books vs Kindle books and talk about the advantages and drawbacks of Kindle books as I see them. Even if you don’t own a Kindle or never plan to buy one, read on – you will find some useful ideas here that will help you read more books at a lower cost.  Continue reading

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