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2 simple and very useful browser shortcuts

Today, I was with a colleague who was trying to visit a website. And he was typing www followed by the dot, followed by the site name and ‘.com’. When I saw this, I realized that I never type the first and last parts of any websites I visit. From the time I have used browsers, I have been using the CTRL + Enter shortcut key to fill up ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ for me.

Here is how it works – type lifelongexplorer and press CTRL +Enter on your Keyboard (Command + Enter if you are on a Mac) and the browser will make the URL http://www.lifelongexplorer.com. This works in almost all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and my favorite Google Chrome.

For remembering this keyboard shortcut, think of this – you are controlling the entry point of the website – that is CTRL and Enter 🙂

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A simple yet powerful keyboard shortcut that works in all Microsoft Office programs

If you want to repeat any action in any Microsoft Office Program, press F4. This works in all MS Office programs – Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.

Here are some of the things that you can do with this simple keyboard shortcut

  • You can apply complex formatting to a cell. After that, you can go to another cell and press F4 and your formatting will be applied to the new cell – this can be as simple as changing the background color of a cell in Excel or changing the font family or font size in Word.
  • You can delete a row from Excel and then press F4 after moving the cursor to other rows that you want to delete.

Try pressing F4 after various actions you do in Microsoft Word or MS Excel and see what happens. Soon, you will learn to love this shortcut, which I use all the time.

In case you press F4 to repeat an action and it resulted in some unintended consequence like deleting a line or removing the formatting, etc., don’t worry – another very useful keyboard shortcut will come to your rescue. That is CTRL + Z for undoing any action. This also works in all MS Office Programs.

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