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12 reasons why I love Google Chrome browser

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Google Chrome is amazingly fast and lightweight. I have used Firefox for a long time, but it used to be so slow. I jumped to Google Chrome in its beta stages when I saw how light the browser was and how fast the pages were loading. It is still the fastest browser. And it has so many features that makes it such a wonderful browser. Here I am listing the top 12 reasons that comes to my mind about why I love Google Chrome. In the future, I will expand on these points and will also talk about other cool features of Chrome.

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2 simple and very useful browser shortcuts

Today, I was with a colleague who was trying to visit a website. And he was typing www followed by the dot, followed by the site name and ‘.com’. When I saw this, I realized that I never type the first and last parts of any websites I visit. From the time I have used browsers, I have been using the CTRL + Enter shortcut key to fill up ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ for me.

Here is how it works – type lifelongexplorer and press CTRL +Enter on your Keyboard (Command + Enter if you are on a Mac) and the browser will make the URL http://www.lifelongexplorer.com. This works in almost all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and my favorite Google Chrome.

For remembering this keyboard shortcut, think of this – you are controlling the entry point of the website – that is CTRL and Enter 🙂

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Instant Translate – A very useful Chrome extension to translate any selected text without leaving the page

When I am reading a web page in French and want to look up a word that I don’t know, I open a new tab and use either Google translate or Reverso Dictionary to look up the word. The problem is that this process took time – I had to open a new tab, type a site address, type the word and then I get the translation. 2 days earlier I found an extension which eliminates all these time-consuming tasks – All I need to do is to highlight a word or a group of words and type ‘t’ on my keyboard – Voila, I see a small pop-up with the translation. The key board shortcut is configurable. This works so well that I look up many more words now than what I used to look up.

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