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How I lost weight while eating more deserts than ever: Book Review ‘French Kids Eat Everything’

I and my wife had a problem with our kids’ eating habits. We did not know how to make them eat certain vegetables. My son Safwan, who is generally very cooperative, has started hating some vegetables. We thought that it was natural and that he would get over it. We did not want to force him.  However, the number of vegetables on his aversion-list was growing and the aversion was also growing stronger. On the days when my wife cooked items that my children liked, they ate quickly and happily. On most other days, the eating sessions were taking too much time and we were starting to lose patience and sometimes had to force them to eat. We were concerned that our kids start to prefer only junk foods – french fries, ketchup, etc. That is when I came across this book – French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon and it solved all the problems that we had with our kids’ eating habits and it also ended up changing our entire outlook on food.

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This $15 book on negotiation has helped me save $560 in the last 2 months: Book Review ‘Getting More’

It has been about 2 months since I have read the book Getting More by Stuart Diamond. The back cover of this book reads:

This new model of human interaction has been chosen by Google to train the entire company worldwide (30,000 employees), is the #1 book for your career chosen by The Wall Street Journal’s website,….

The hype about the book is true and I do think that this is one of most helpful books I have read in my entire life. I have tested the strategies outlined in the book in many situations. Here are the 5 situations where I have gained financially by applying these strategies. I did not expect that these strategies will work so well, but they did.

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