Mindfulness Training 6-month Progress/Reversal Report – Time to Pause

It has been 6-months and 2 weeks since I have started the mindfulness journey. It has been a difficult time in keeping up with this training. For the past few months, I have been thinking about taking a break from this training as I have not been able to execute it the way I envisaged it when I started. However, I did not want to easily give up. But now the time has come to take a deep breath and stop for a while…

Almost every week for the past few months, I put a task in my GTD list – write a weekly update on mindfulness. However, I see that the task has stayed while other priorities were getting their way. The good thing was that I was mindful of the priorities of the all the tasks on my plate. Hence, most of the time, I chose to execute the highest priority task that would add the best value for me and the people served by me in various roles. Unfortunately, the task that I really wanted to do (writing this update and sharing my experiments) was just getting stuck to the bottom.

After reflecting on it for a long time, I have decided that it is better to admit failure on this effort and stop now. I can always continue it at a later point when I have more time to focus on this.

Though I am winding up this update, I am not winding up my effort to practice mindfulness. After I have started this journey, I have gotten a lot of benefits in a number of areas and I am really grateful that I got started on this journey. Wherever I turn to, whether it is health, studies, parenting, work relationship and even religion and spirituality, I see the importance of mindfulness. So, it is a life-long journey of becoming aware of the wandering nature of the mind and to stay in the present moment.

As I am getting to ready for my vacation, I wanted to wrap a few threads/projects so that I can focus on the 2 major projects that I am working on. Once they are done, God willing, I want to come back and continue. If I find time in between, I would write about the various routines/habits that has helped me in this journey so far.

Till then, I wish you all the best with your efforts to become mindful….

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