Mindfulness Training Week 9 – Accidents and Gratefulness

Last week was unusual – a number of events happened, some of them I had control over and some of them I had no control over. Given that I was practicing mindfulness, both set of events should have been easier to handle : What I had control over, I should have been able to take calm and well-thought-out actions and what I did not have control over, I should have done the best I could do and leave the rest to the Almighty. What is surprising about the turn of events is this: the events that should have made me reactive and negative did not make me reactive but made me more mindful and hence grateful. But the events which were 100% under my control made me reactive to the extent I ended up falling sick. The villain from the inside, the Judge or the Nafs, succeeded in getting me out of the mindfulness zone.

There was a day 2 weeks before where I faced 2 accidents. I vividly remember that the day had a very beautiful start. I woke up early and fresh, did my morning routine  mindfully and felt connected to God in the morning. I took my kids out for our ‘morning walk’ routine. That is where the first accident of the day happened in front of my eyes – my 1-year-old baby got hurt in an unexpected way and there was bleeding in his legs. It is amazing to see how life changes in one instant – just the previous moment, it was a joyful calm walk and a moment later, the scene is quite different. However, as I reflected on the accident, I realized how grateful I should be – given the way the accident happened, the outcome could have been a lot worse. I saw the merciful hand of my Lord protecting the baby from getting badly hurt. And I was reminded of the verse of the Quran “Surely with difficulty is ease”.

Then, I went to work. After a few hours later, we got a call from the school informing that my 4-year-old son got hurt very badly and we needed to go and pick him up immediately. There was a quite a bit of bloodshed. The wound was just above the eyebrow and was quite deep. I could see the blood-stained flesh inside and it provoked fear. Everyone around us seemed to be very worried – they suggested that we should rush to the hospital.

In situations like this, fear takes over and runs the show – the mind loses calmness and the ability to think properly.  But, by divine mercy, somehow my heart was calm and connected to the source of all wisdom. Normally, I am easily upset by events like this. But this time, I saw this for what it is – it is another test from my loving Lord and this was not the first test on that day. My study of Acupuncture has given me knowledge about body’s healing mechanisms and how to cope up with events like this. But the big question was whether I would be able to resist the rush of emotions and operate with calmness and trust in the wisdom of the Almighty, All-wise.

Almost a year back, I have fallen from a table and my leg was cut very deeply. That was the first time I had an accident after I finished my Acupuncture course. Blood was pouring out and my wife was worried. She called my Acupuncture teacher and the teacher asked her to hand over the phone to me. The advice of my teacher was very simple – “Disconnect from the creation and connect to the Creator; Everything will be taken care of”. I did as I was advised and eventually slept off. I saw first-hand the miracle of healing happening in my own body – It took about a week or 10 days for the wound to completely cure. It was one of the events that really strengthened my belief in Almighty and about the miraculous nature of our body/spirit. It gave me a lot more certainty about the knowledge I have received through my Acupuncture teacher about the source and the method of healing.

Now this time, the test from my Loving Lord had a slightly different question: You were able to bear it when it happened to you; would you be able to bear it when it happened to your loved ones? As I reflected on the question at the event of the accident, I realized how weak we are as human-beings – there is very little in our control, if we reflect deeply.

I was reminded of the beautiful 2% rule from my Acupuncture teacher. So, we decided to do the 2% action in our control, which is to remain calm, use whatever knowledge and intuition we were given and then to leave the 98% to the One who is really in control of everything. All praises and thanks to God – as I write this today, the wound is completely cured and I have felt that a number of positive things in my son’s body after the accident again reminding me of the above Quran verse that every difficulty brings with it a lot of other good things. Also, many things are made easier for us when we go through difficulty, if only we are mindful and recognize this great merciful design in the tests that we are put through in this life. The truth is this: In every event that seems to be bad or negative on the surface, there is good in it, though our eyes and little minds may not see it. I am so grateful that I have been given the guidance, the support to stay calm and to experience another big miracle of healing.

These 2 were the 2 big events which were completely beyond my control and by God’s grace, I was able to handle them gracefully. But the other item which was under my own hand, I lost calmness – we will talk about that, God willing, in the next update.

3 thoughts on “Mindfulness Training Week 9 – Accidents and Gratefulness

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  2. saiabinesh February 9, 2018 at 1:26 pm Reply

    Is it possible for people like ,say Atheists, to follow this, “Disconnect from the creation and connect to the Creator; Everything will be taken care of”?.

    • Siraj Samsudeen February 13, 2018 at 10:13 am Reply

      Sai, if someone has decided to go on a sugar-free diet, why does he want to taste icecreams?

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