Want to save time? Here is how you can play Youtube videos faster

Many of us watch TED talks and other educational videos that take up good bit of our time. We can watch many of these videos at a slightly higher playback speed so that we can get through the content in less time. This feature existed in video players like VLC on Windows and MPX player on Mac. Hence, I download the videos to my computer to watch them at a faster pace to save time. But many of the Youtube videos can’t be downloaded easily. Hence, I was looking for a way to play Youtube videos faster and I was surprised to find that such an option is available by default now.


As shown in the screenshot below, please click on the gear icon and select the dropdown for Speed (red circle labeled with 1). You can play the video at a faster or slower speed. You can comfortably listen to most videos at 1.5x speed. When I learn new things, I watch the videos multiple times to revise and make sure that I have really absorbed the content. Often, I play the video at 2x speed when I am revising to see whether I can follow the content easily. If I can, that means that I have really mastered the content. If I can’t, then it means that the content still needs more revision to really sink in to my head.

Play youtube video faster

In addition to the speed setting, you have 2 other useful settings here:

1. Subtitles (blue circle labeled 2) – if you are not a native speaker of English, you might find this option useful as it transcribes the lecture for you. Sometimes, the transcription is not perfect, but it would be definitely useful if you want to improve your English by watching videos.

2. Quality (green circle labeled 3) – if you are on a slow bandwidth connection (when you travel or when you are in a country where internet is not fast, etc.), you can change the quality so that you can watch the video at a lower resolution.

One thought on “Want to save time? Here is how you can play Youtube videos faster

  1. Dwayne December 28, 2014 at 4:38 pm Reply

    Hello, is there anyway I can get in touch with you? I’m in the process of learning French. Here’s my e-mail:

    Your blog has been a big eye-opener for me.

    Hope to hear from you.


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