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How to find a price cheaper than the cheapest Amazon Store?

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In my last post, I have talked about how to find the cheapest Amazon store. Question for you now – can you find a price better than the best price offered by Amazon? The answer is yes and the seller is BookDepository. For Michel Thomas French Perfect Audio course, I got it about 18% cheaper than the best price offered by any Amazon store,  at a whopping discount of 52% to the list price.

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How to find the cheapest Amazon store for a book

The differences in prices between different Amazon stores are sometimes unbelievable. Even if you have an Amazon store in your country, a foreign Amazon store can offer you a cheaper deal, even after you include shipping costs.

When I buy books from Amazon, I often check the prices in different Amazon stores to see which one of them offers the lowest price for the fastest delivery combinations. Both Amazon France and Amazon Germany offer free shipping to Switzerland for orders above 25 Euros. I also order from Amazon UK and US. It used to be very time-consuming to compare prices which are in different currencies until I found this service – Pricenoia

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Progress Report – 5 Months of French

In my last progress report, I mentioned that I will see  you again with my report of how I have fallen in love with French again. Fortunately, the forecast turned out to be true. Now, I am enjoying learning French all over again. The trick is to keep at it even in the in the face of loss of interest. What goes down comes up and what goes up comes down – this is a fact of life. We have to use the moments of high interest to achieve what we want before our interest wanes, but you can always get it back if you stay at the process for enough time – the key is persistence.

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