Compact Calendar: A wonderful calendar format to plan projects, vacations and travel

Have you ever wished that you could see all the months in a year in one page so that you don’t have to flip through the months to plan your projects, travel, etc.? David Seah has created a versatile calendar format called Compact Calendar which fits on one page.

The compact calendar is very useful for many reasons:

  • You can see the entire year in one page. So, you don’t have to go back and forth between months when you plan any event which spans months.
  • When you are planning a project, you can mark all the key events/milestones in your project. Because of its very nice visual layout, you get a sense of the time between the events.
  • The calendar highlights holidays – when planning work-related projects, this is very useful. Many people have created Compact Calendars for different regions. So, you can get one with the holidays for your region from David Seah’s website.
  • It lists the week numbers on the left – so, it lets you see how many weeks are between different events/milestones.
  • It is very easy to customize the calendar as it is in Microsoft Excel – check out the video on this page for more instructions. You can change the start date and the list of holidays.
Here are some  other ways you can use this calendar format
  • You can mark your family’s key events in this calendar and paste at your home as a central reference for everyone
  • You can mark the vacation of your team members and display it in a common place for quick reference

I use this calendar for project planning in particular. Lots of people are using this calendar in different ways – please look at the related posts for ideas from other bloggers on how they are using it. Also check out the detailed post at David Seah’s site for the full details.

The idea is so brilliant so that there are web applications and iPhone Applications modeled on this format. Check it out and use it to plan your next project at work or vacation and let me know if you find it useful.

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