How to find a price cheaper than the cheapest Amazon Store?

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In my last post, I have talked about how to find the cheapest Amazon store. Question for you now – can you find a price better than the best price offered by Amazon? The answer is yes and the seller is BookDepository. For Michel Thomas French Perfect Audio course, I got it about 18% cheaper than the best price offered by any Amazon store,  at a whopping discount of 52% to the list price.

In my last post, I used ‘Michel Thomas French Perfect’ as an example to show the price differences among Amazon stores. The cheapest Amazon store for this product was Amazon UK. Amazon UK sold this product for 73.36 Swiss Francs which is USD 75.83.

As you can see in the screenshot above, BookDepository offers this product for USD 69.44 and it offers free shipping to switzerland (in fact, to most of the countries). So, compared to Amazon UK, this was about 6 dollars less. When I bought this 2 weeks back, there was a promotion which enabled me to get another 10% on top of this best price. So, I ended up saving 13 USDs compared to Amazon.

Shipping typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks. There is no minimum spend to avail of free shipping. Last time, I have ordered a lot of books to take advantage the extra 10% discount offer and all the books were delivered in about 1 week. Not bad for free delivery.

So, if you are buying any book, check out the best price in Amazon and check the price in BookDepository as well. You may not get as fantastic a deal as I have gotten for Michel Thomas French Perfect, but you will definitely save a few dollars.

The book depository site I have used is from UK. If you are in the US, check out

Disclaimer: I am, in no way, associated with BookDepository. And I am not paid to write this post. I am a satisfied customer – that is all.

Check out the links below for more views on Book Depository.


2 thoughts on “How to find a price cheaper than the cheapest Amazon Store?

  1. startupbabies June 4, 2012 at 2:55 am Reply

    hi, thanks for linking your entry to mine 🙂 i just love, love, love the book depository! can’t wait for their next sale.

  2. Matt June 22, 2013 at 5:49 pm Reply

    Whatever country you’re in, it’s worth comparing prices between and, since they can vary wildly, though not always (and Amazon too, just in case).

    Piranhas ( is a tool I built for just this purpose. It lets you compare prices between several Amazon stores (including the two Book Depository sites) and it does all the shipping and exchange rate calculations for you.

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