How to find the cheapest Amazon store for a book

The differences in prices between different Amazon stores are sometimes unbelievable. Even if you have an Amazon store in your country, a foreign Amazon store can offer you a cheaper deal, even after you include shipping costs.

When I buy books from Amazon, I often check the prices in different Amazon stores to see which one of them offers the lowest price for the fastest delivery combinations. Both Amazon France and Amazon Germany offer free shipping to Switzerland for orders above 25 Euros. I also order from Amazon UK and US. It used to be very time-consuming to compare prices which are in different currencies until I found this service – Pricenoia

Pricenoia does these things for you:

  • It figures out your currency. So, you are relieved from having to do exchange rate conversions
  • It figures out your location and finds out whether a store offers free shipping and factors that into the price comparison

Here I have furnished the price comparison for Michael Thomas French Perfect which I have recently bought. Look at the difference in prices among the different stores. The prices offered by Amazon France and Germany is 40 Francs more than Amazon US or UK, even after including shipping costs. So, the next time you want to buy anything on Amazon, check the prices here.

I also found another site which offers a similar service – CheapRiver. Here is a screenshot from this site for the same product. This site supports less Amazon sites than Pricenoia.

The only feature I feel is missing in Pricenoia is the ability to have more than 1 item in comparison.

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