I wrote my first official letter in French

I had to do a follow-up with the social security office in Geneva. So far, I used to send my mail in English and I get a response in French and I use Google Translate to understand what they were saying. It is less than 2 months since I have started learning French. But, I felt confident enough to write a few lines.

I had to ask whether a document that I sent 10 days ago has reached there and when I can expect to receive my final bill for 2011. I was able to quickly formulate the sentence structure – but there were some gaps in my knowledge with respect to some words that i had to use. I did not know how to create a future tense conjugation as it has not been covered yet in Assimil. I used the previous communication from the social security office and lifted a few words to use. With a  bit of googling to figure out the future tense, I came up with 2 sentences and typed them in French into google to see whether the translation was coming out right. Then, Voila, I sent the message. I am very happy that I am able to write even 2 sentences in a formal situation.

I showed the mail later on to a colleague who said that the sentences were perfect except for one typo, which Google did not catch.

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